Easily Sueded

October 31, 2016

There is one fabrication that is lining the pages of my fashion magazines and has filled up the racks at Gee Loretta and that is SUEDE!!! This is, by far, the most popular textile that designers have added to their Fall collections. The difference is, it has been completely updated and reinvented from the suede […]

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Mixing Up Metallics

October 24, 2016

Metallics are such a fabulous way to add life to your everyday look!  Incorporating a little bit of shimmer and sparkle can create instant texture and energy to your overall look. Gone are the days where metallics and shimmer are just for evening wear. Today, designers are adding a pop of shimmer to everything! Jackets, […]

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All About the Leggings

October 17, 2016

Let’s face it- we have all fallen in love with leggings and if you are anything like me, they are my “go-to” look.  If it is a day off and I want to be casual, my leggings are there for me. If it is a night out on the town, my leggings are there for […]

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Layer Like a Pro

October 10, 2016

I know that if you are anything like me, you are so happy that Fall is finally here!! The gorgeous sweaters and boots that I have been stockpiling can finally get pulled out for their “Fall Fashion Moment”. The only problem is that it is Fall in the morning and Summer in the afternoon!! Aaaghh!! […]

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Sample Sale & Wear House Weekend

October 06, 2016

This is the weekend you do NOT want to miss- it is an amazing SAMPLE SALE & Wear House Weekend at Gee Loretta! This isn’t just any sample sale, this is our FALL SAMPLE SALE! Each piece is from the designers Fall 2016 Collection. And we get to give these beauties away at WHOLESALE prices! […]

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5 Ways to Wear A Bootie

October 03, 2016

October is officially here and with that comes the switching of the shoes! Time to trade out our sandals for gorgeous Fall boots!! This year the Bootie is ‘Queen of the Shoe Shelf’, but it might be a little challenging to know how to wear them. Do you cuff your jeans or tuck them in? […]

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Sample Sale

September 29, 2016

Can you ladies believe its already going to be October!? The season is changing and at Gee Loretta we are kicking off the Fall season in style with one of our amazing SAMPLE SALES! Now girls, this isn’t just any sample sale- this is our FALL SAMPLE SALE! Each piece is from the designers Fall […]

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Purse Party

September 26, 2016

When the weather changes, so does my handbag! I love treating myself to a gorgeous new purse because it adds an extra dose of pop and personality to my wardrobe. There are tons of trends happening with handbags right now, and in this week’s video I highlight a few of the new arrivals we have […]

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Fall Deep into Wine Hues

September 19, 2016

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with all things WINE!! This season, I have bought lipstick, eye shadow, a purse, a sweater and leggings in this beautiful burgundy! As I dress mannequins in the store or merchandise a display, I find myself reaching for this color again and again! So the question […]

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Denim Fit Event

September 12, 2016

This week it is all about a gorgeous new denim line that we just started carrying at Gee Loretta!! I am BEYOND excited for these jeans because the fit is out of this world and I know that if you try them on you will instantly fall in love! Let’s face it-most of us live […]

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Beautiful Blouses

September 05, 2016

Last week, it felt like we had a rotating door put in for UPS and FedEx as they delivered boxes and boxes of new Fall merchandise!  We filled up every rack we have in the store and all of our mannequins are decked out with gorgeous new handbags and bling! There was so much to […]

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#Fall in Love

August 29, 2016

Have you been to Gee Loretta lately? If so, you know that the store is bursting with amazing new pieces!!  We spent last week rearranging  the store and as we created new color stories, fresh outfits and stylish displays.  I got excited for the temperature to start dropping and I am officially in the mood […]

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