Treat Yourself! Jackets for you and me!

October 29, 2018

Treat Yourself! 
Jackets for You and Me!

We’ve pre-ordered so many of these fantastic coats - please don’t miss out! Right now we are in between seasons in New Mexico, but once you need a jacket - you’ll need a jacket! We have puffers, trenches, on-trend, and functional coats. Stop in! 

Desigual - Desigual brings you options - with options this season. In stock, we have the basic, amazing black puffer. Plus a burgundy vest that you can wear so many different ways, we got lost in the math! Vest with sleeves, vest with hood, vest with hood and sleeves and puffer... Options!
 A silver option as well, it’s endless! 

The quote-unquote basic, utilitarian, army-green jacket that we all want - COMPLETELY reimagined! This jacket has been tailored to fit a woman’s body and designed to meet all of our wants! Pearl buttons, cinched waist, travel-ready - what else could we ask for!?
We have fantastic jackets at Gee Loretta - stop by and see which one is going to be your best friend this season! 
We'll see you this week at Gee Loretta!
We Track Trends, But Pursue Style!
~ Mariah

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