Latico Leathers at Gee Loretta!

August 20, 2018

Hi Girls! 

This week is all about Latico, one of our newest and quickly a favorite handbag and accessory line - check out this week's Mariah's Monday Makeover for details!

I fell in love with this leather handbag line in the spring. As we continue to order it and sell out of it, I know that you are enjoying these bags just as much as we are! Now is your chance to come see this collection if you haven’t yet met these gorgeous, buttery soft leather goods. These bags are stunning and so soft, and I promise you they only get better and better as they are worn. The quality of the leather is outstanding, the design is impeccable and reaches all of your needs. Come try on these gorgeous bags this week and maybe add one (or two) to your line up. 


Made in the USA, Latico has a wonderful, fun origin story. The designers of these bags are a husband and wife out of New Jersey, beginning to design leather goods about thirty years ago. Paul’s wife Lainie, quite the fashionista from New York, jumped in with inspired designs and function, and began to develop the brand, creating absolutely beautiful pieces. From there the line grew into a luxury leather goods company that private labels for some big brands in the industry (that have a few additional commas in the price tag)! 


A crossbody is one of the most versatile bags we can have, with so much utility available in one bag. We have neutrals as well as some bold colors you can take with you into fall, from vacations to concerts!  


There are a number of stunning totes in neutrals, as well as pops of green, a beautiful turquoise, and navy. These versatile totes are perfect for on the go wherever you go whether it be the office, yoga, the farmer’s market, and more! Everything you carry will fit beautifully in this bag that gets better and better as you carry it with you. 


I love to mix metals, and I know you love your sterling silvers and you love silver hardware - but don’t be afraid to mix these up! If you have on silver earrings, it is ok to have a bag with gold hardware I promise! This line makes it easy to wear gold or silver jewelry mixed in with the muted, subtle hardware on these beautiful pieces. 

At Gee Loretta, we have wallets, purses, totes - the whole nine yards! No matter what your handbag need is, now is the time to grab that gorgeous new piece for fall. Come check out our Latico collection today! 

We'll see you this week at Gee Loretta!

We Track Trends, But Pursue Style!

~ Mariah


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