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January 13, 2020 1 Comment

Gee in the Que - Paper Bag Pant

Within the first few weeks of the new year, I love to check out all of my favorite fashion bloggers on social media to see what trends are going to be big for the upcoming year. One of the biggest trends that we will be seeing for Fall 2020 is the “paper bag waist pant.” All of Hollywood’s big names are already rocking this look and it just makes my heart pitter patter.

I could hardly contain my excitement because I think this style is so incredible but often times overlooked. Now, I know this look is not for everyone. To be able to pull off this look, you have to have a somewhat long torso and a bit of a defined waistline. If your body type checks off these boxes, this is the pant for you and I promise you will be wearing them on repeat all year long!

The biggest style tip that I can give you when you are wearing this pant is to pair it with a fitted or tailored top. Since the paper bag waist pant already has so much volume at the waistline, you do not want to add to the bulk. Keep the look streamlined with a fitted and tucked top to show off the waistline on these these fun pants!

If you think that this pant is absolutely not going to work for you, have no fear! I have a great alternative pant for you that will give you the same effortless look. This alternative pant is going to fit and feel like the paper bag waist pant, however, it is going to have a flat waistline with grommets and a drawstring. This is a look that is universal for all body types. Pair with a tucked fitted top and just like that, we have recreated that same look that you will be seeing around!


We can't wait for you to stop into Gee Loretta this week so that we can help you style your new favorite bottoms!

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February 24, 2020

Looks wonderful on you‼️ Would like to try a pair. Size six or four will work for me. Also, your top with the cold shoulder is super cute.

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