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April 30, 2018 1 Comment

Welcome back, girls! This week is all about embellishments - we will be highlighting embroidery, lace up detail, ruffles, and more. We have had such fun ordering for Gee Loretta for this trend!

Embroidery can be found on so many pieces at Gee Loretta, from the sleeve of a Joseph Ribkoff top, to the bottom of a new Carré Noir clam digger jean - we have it all! This brocade detail can be enjoyed on even a shoe, scarf, or jacket.

Lace up Detail
The lace-up detail is a unique way to add a decorative detail and embellish any piece you choose. We have plenty of “not so basic” tees with this element, as well as dressier blouses that have that dainty, playful detail!

Frilly, flouncy fun! Ruffles this season are on every single runway, on every single blogger, and should be in everyone’s closet. The ruffle has made it’s way from being something of a fun, playful adornment to a staple that can be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe, on any occasion! From a baseball tee with a ruffled sleeve, blouse with a ruffled cuff or collar, the ladies at Gee Loretta are sure to help you add this piece to your line up.

Finally, we can’t forget about shoes! We have tennies with a zippered detail, comfortable sandals with gems and rhinestones, and most important, our Oka-B’s! These sandals are so comfortable and will add that last embellishment to complete your look.

Come in this week to embellish yourself, head to toe! We'll see you at Gee Loretta!




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Donita L McCormick-Fredlund
Donita L McCormick-Fredlund

May 18, 2018

Mariah, hi listen I am in Houston. How do I order an item. I saw several things I am thinking about buying today. I want the 25% off.

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