Black to Basics

November 12, 2018 1 Comment


This week we are focusing on essentials at Gee Loretta! These are pieces that we own and we love - season after season and year after year we continue to reorder and love! Some of you may be new to Gee Loretta and may not know about these amazing pieces that we all have to have in our closet. If you don't already own them - you may be inspired to come on and try them in store!
  • Ruffle Shawl - this washable jersey doesn't wrinkle and can be used as a cozy blanket on the airplane that doesn't compromise fashion (we can't have that!) or as a chic cover-up to a wedding over a cocktail dress.
  • Game Changer - this is not your average tank top by any means! This longer cut, machine washable tank is the perfect, slimming piece to add to any outfit that is missing that something. The Game Changer comes in solid black, navy blue, leatherette bottom, snakeskin leatherette bottom, floral, and more! 
  • Shapeez Bra nude or black with Smart Technolgy wicking material, underwire, just enough padding to keep you comfortable but not add bulk. You will throw the rest of your bras away! 
  • The Wrap Pant - exciting announcement - NAVY! Most of us have these in black but they finally have been fabricated in navy! A complete must have!
  • Gee Loretta Boleroblack and navy blue, this is such an easy piece to throw on with any outfit that needs just a little something. 
  • Gee's Tanks - easy, wide strap, layering piece, fill in the blank, throw on anything you may have - lots of fun colors! 
Most of our black essentials come in navy as well - just ask any of the girls at Gee Loretta and we will be sure to be able to help you! 

Don't forget about Gee Loretta's partnership with Pursonalities Plus! Gee Loretta will be accepting all donations throughout the entire month of November. A giant thank you to those of who have already donated. Click here if you would like to see a list of what donations we are accepting.
We'll see you this week at Gee Loretta!
We Track Trends, But Pursue Style!
~ Mariah

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Donita L McCormick-Fredlund
Donita L McCormick-Fredlund

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