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Gee Loretta

Gee’s Sleeve Mesh Long Sleeve Top for Women | Beautiful Dress, Shirt and Sleeveless Layering Arm Coverup | Breathable, Sheer Comfort | Black or White Details

Create Style & Confidence – Designed for women who love sleeveless tops, dresses and shirts, but aren’t comfortable with bare arms, Gee’s Sleeve adds slimming style. Soft,

Breathable Layering – These beautiful, long sleeve tops can be worn under a tank or dress to add color variation, stylish texture or just relaxing comfort.

Match Your Neckline – Whether you’re going for a deep-plunging neckline or something demure, Gee’s Sleeve X Ray Top will fit a V-neck or crew top.

Mix and Match Stylings – Choose from black or white long sleeve tops, or unique textures like pindot or lace, to better match your personal taste and chic.

Smooth Fit – Each of our long sleeve tops for women feature aform-fit to create a clean look that keeps the focus on your beautiful top.

Product Description:

Add an elegant touch to your favorite sleeveless dress, top or shirt with Gee’s Sleeve, a quick sleeve solution for women who love comfort and style.

No matter your personal style, you’ve no doubt found thousands of sleeveless tops and dresses that you’ve absolutely adored—but wouldn’t buy because you weren’t confident in showing off your arms. That’s why we created Gee’s Sleeve, a stylish, breathable mesh long-sleeve top that slides under your top effortlessly to add gorgeous sleeves to all your favorite tops.

Lightweight, comfortable and offering a form fit, add these to your top today and take back your confidence with gorgeous style; you deserve it!

Product Details:

  • Long-Sleeve Top
  • Breathable, Lightweight Mesh
  • For V-Neck or Crew Neck
  • Available Colors: Black or White
  • Available Textures: Pindot, Lace and More
  • Form Comfortable Fit

Get your Gee’s Sleeve today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above; you’ll love the way they look, feel and add a beautiful, comfortable touch to your favorite outfits!

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