Second Story

What is Second Story in the WearHouse?

Second Story is Albuquerque’s premier consignment boutique. If you are already shopping at Gee Loretta!, then you know our standards for excellence, quality and style.

Chances are, you would be our perfect consignor and enjoy taking last seasons styles and turning them into someone else’s treasures!

We will buy your quality clothing, shoes & accessories. We offer them for sale in our WearHouse Boutique. Open Fri & Sat 10-2. 

How does all this work?

If you have gently used or new items you no longer use, bring them to us! Our staff carefully looks at each piece and determines what we can resell. We email you an invoice with a description of the items we are interested in and the value of each item. You then have the option to accept or decline our offer. If you accept, you will have a credit at Gee Loretta - who doesn't love that! Or if you prefer we will write you a check.

When and where do I bring my items?

Gee Loretta is open Mon-Sat 10-5. You may bring your items into the shop. Any of our team can help you from there.

How should I bring my items in?

Clothes must be CLEAN, pressed, and on hangers. Items must be in "new" or "like new" condition, no wrinkles, no stains, pet hair, or missing buttons.
Smokers: please air out or dry clean, before bringing us your items. We know from experience, the nicer an item looks, the more we will offer you to purchase it!

What type of items do you take?

We accept name-brand, current style, and excellent condition clothing and accessories. Items that were purchased within the last 3 years, and not from a discount retailer such as Walmart, Target, etc. They need to show no signs of wear, and shoes resell best when they are unworn. Our customers can be quite discerning and we don't like to disappoint them!

"We have a great many customers looking for that special piece of jewelry.  Ladies, go through your jewelry boxes!"

Items we do not have a market for: •Imitation Designer Items • Formal Wear • Items that are more than 2 years old • Suits • Dress Pants

What happens to my items you don't want to purchase for resale?

When you drop your items off, you can let us know if you would like the items we can not use returned to you or donated. 

What happens to my donated items?

Items are donated to the Annex. It's a boutique we helped set up to help women get back to the workforce. Nancy and Joy are amazing ladies that help us match up previous loved fashion to someone that will give them a Second Story.

What if I have an expensive designer item, such as a Louis Vuitton handbag, Chanel scarf, or diamond studs? 

When you bring us specialty items, we get our GeeLuxe expert, Emilia involved. She will research the value of the item and contact you to determine the pricing and the percentage paid to you upon the sale of the item.