The Votes are in…….

November 07, 2016

The nominees are in, the polls have been counted and Krazy Larry comes out with the WIN!! 

Krazy Larry pants are by far, the best fitting, best selling pant I have ever encountered!! Season after season, I order larger quantities and numerous prints yet we still continue to sell out! It is clear that my customers love this pant. Now that Fall temperatures are in full swing, it is time to take a look at your inventory and see which pants need replacing or updating. 

The “ad campaign” for Krazy Larry is filled with reasons that his designs should earn your vote:

  1. Easy pull on styles that lay smooth to flatter your body.
  2. A classic straight cut that is truly timeless-no flare or tapered legs.
  3. MACHINE WASHABLE!!! Hooray for wrinkle free, easy-care fabric!
  4. Lots of prints, solids, and fabrications to choose from! His “platform of pants” are top notch and it will be difficult to choose just one!

We always run out of sizes, so run, don’t walk to Gee Loretta and fill out the ballot for your favorite pair! 

Loving Leopard, Rhinestones and Ruffles,

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