The Topper

May 18, 2020

Gee in the Que - The Topper! 

    Happy Monday, everyone! We are so excited to be open again and to see all of your beautiful faces. Thank you for all of your support and love throughout these times. We truly appreciate each and every one of you!

    This week, we are talking all about one of Springs fashion must-haves! Lightweight toppers that you can layer over any tank! These toppers make it easy for you to get plenty of wear out of the abundance of tanks we have at home by creating a bit more coverage with a sleeve! Maybe you don’t mind going sleeveless but you just want to switch up the look of your boring tank top. Throw on one of these toppers and, ta-da! You’ve created a whole new look!

    We have plenty of colors for you to choose from to keep this look going all season long. Pair with leggings, skinny jeans, and even over your casual dresses. Get creative with your topper! The options are endless!

    These cozy and lightweight toppers are going to sell like hot cakes so be sure to run into Gee Loretta to grab yours!

    If you would prefer to pick up curbside, just call us to purchase your goodies and we will take it out to your car!

    You can ...

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    • Text us 505-249-5489
    Have a wonderful week everyone!
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