The Three Shoes Your Wardrobe Needs

April 09, 2018

Hooray! Hooray! Sandal season is here!! I love getting that first pretty pedicure and then putting on a fabulous new sandal to show it off!!

Our summer selection of sandals and sneakers are all here and I am having heart palpitations over the cuteness level! There is truly a little something for everyone and I think there are 3 strong trends that we all need in our closets right now.

We all need a metallic sandal or shoe because it makes getting dressed a breeze! Think of a metallic shoe the way you would a pair of silver earrings-they are neutral and go with everything! I also love that they can elongate your legs, because they don't visually cut you off. The metallic shoe is the new NUDE! (Remember how we were all picking up the nude colored shoes a few years ago?)

In a closet full of black and white, and more black and white (if your closet looks anything like mine) I feel like I want to add that pop of spring color to some of my go-to neutrals. Reds and pinks bring life to a simple black pair of pants and white blouse. It adds a splash of happy to your look and embraces the season in a very easy way!

Sassy Sneakers
It is time to get on board and add that fashion sneaker to your wardrobe! If you already own one, maybe it's time to pick up a new neutral like navy or white? My black fashion sneakers are starting to look a little heavy with some of my looks, so let's tuck those away for a few months and start reaching for a brighter look. Fashionistas everywhere are putting sneakers with sundresses or shorts and it is more than just function-it is all fashion. Do you have a fun trip planned and you need that comfy sneaker to tour around? The answer is YES!

We have so many fabulous options and it is the perfect week to shop the shoes and add little "fabulous-ness" to your feet! We can't wait to see you for the shoe party at Gee Loretta!



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