The Lovely Layer

May 15, 2017

We flew to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to fill up the store and we found TONS of amazing pieces! One piece in particular stood out as my favorite find!! It is a simple piece, but I believe it is going to add instant style to your wardrobe!

It is a mesh, polka dot tank top that can be layered-up to add fabulous texture and interest to any of your basic tops.  I go through several outfit options in this week’s video and we also added a short video at the bottom that shows this new “Lovely Layer” with several inspirational outfits.

I always say that wearing print and texture are important style elements and in the colder months it is easy to do that. You can throw on scarves, sweaters or tees to create interest in your Winter Wardrobe, but when Spring and Summer hit, it is hard to figure out how to add layers without having a heat stroke!  This lightweight piece is going to be the layer you reach for all season long because it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Plus, the print is simple enough that it mixes and matches well with stripes or florals.

I can’t wait to wear mine this week and I know for a fact you are going to LOVE it too!!

Come check out the new “Lovely Layer” as well as all the other fabulous pieces we bought in California!

Loving Leopard, Ruffles & Rhinestones!

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