The Great Closet Cleanout

January 14, 2019

Hi Girls! 

January has started (all of my Christmas decorations are finally put away) and now I enter full blown cleaning/organizing mode! This is the time of year that my junk drawers, pantry and closet get an overhaul and I thought I would inspire you all to do the same!

Lets Get Organized!

Your closet is such an important area to keep clean and organized because you use it EVERY day! It can already feel overwhelming to choose an outfit sometimes, but if your clothes are in disarray, that will make getting dressed so much more difficult! 

Before You Get Started

Start with a few essentials before you get started- a rolling rack, matching hangers and a shopping list. All of these items will be so helpful as you start to sort through your clothes. Next, create “stations" for what you want to

  • Keep
  • Donate/Resale
  • Repair/Clean

Having appointed areas will keep the process more orderly and less overwhelming.

Think Outside the Box

Once you get going, try to think outside the box when you put your closet back together. Perhaps you fold your jeans instead of hang them to open up more space. Perhaps you pull your off season items and move them to another closet or towards the back until you are ready to use them. Consider hanging pants where you usually hang your tops! It is amazing how “re-merchandising” your closet will help you to wear different items more!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so please don’t try to tackle such a huge project at once. Target certain areas-like your pants/skirts one day and then do tops/jackets another. It may also take a trip or two to purchase more hangers or storage bins, so just patiently work through this task and you will reap the wardrobe rewards!

Last but not least, once you figure out items that you may be lacking or that need to be replaced, bring that shopping list to Gee Loretta and our stylists will help you find the pieces that will bring your wardrobe together! You can also bring your resale items into Second Story and get a little fast cash for the pieces you are no longer wearing!

I hope The Great Closet Cleanout is life changing! It always is for me! Enjoy shopping in your closet, finding lost treasures and making room for all of the gorgeous new arrivals that are coming to Gee Loretta! See you soon!

We Track Trends, But Pursue Style!

~ Mariah


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