Slouchy & Chic

June 26, 2017

The slouchy chic trend is a fabulous blend of oversized and fitted pieces which together create a slouchy yet very chic ensemble. With the hot temperatures we have had, I am reaching for anything that is cool and comfortable and floats away from my body!

The Slouchy & Chic look is wonderful because you can use the oversized pieces to hide the places on your body you would rather not display and you can use the fitted pieces to show case your best assets. If you want to highlight your legs you should reach for a fitted skirt and slouchy shirt, whereas ladies who have an ample bust slim waist line should consider a fitted shirt and slouchy pants.

Believe it or not you can rock the slouchy chic look to the office, if you pair your clothing items very carefully. To keep it professional, try going with a slouchy pair of cropped trousers and a fitted blouse, add some polished heels into the mix and you’ll be looking great and feeling comfortable at the office.

Of course we have lots of easy, casual options in the store as well in cool cotton blends that are perfect for a casual patio party or running errands. (I feature several of the styles in this week’s video)

The slouchy chic style is comfortable, flattering and oh-so-comfortable- so why not try it out this year and see how it works for you?

Loving Leopard, Ruffles & Rhinestones!



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