June 01, 2021

Gee in the Que - NEON

With the arrival of warm weather, it’s almost natural for us to ditch the neutral tones and add fun color to our wardrobe. Generally, we would add pastels to our look, but this season, it’s all about incorporating neons! This trend peaked in the 80’s and has made a huge comeback in an updated way.
If you are just as excited as me to try this trend, here are some tips to pull off these vibrant hues effortlessly.
  • Style your neon piece with a basic color like white beige, brown or grey. You can also opt for black but neon comes off better with a less intense neutral.
  • If you aren’t afraid to really embrace this trend, wear with more colors! All neon colors can be paired together. You can also mix neons with pastels. For example, neon pink with pastel pink or neon blue with baby blue.
  • Pair with prints! Neons work really well with animal prints because they both have an intensity to them. You can also pair with a print as simple as polka dots or stripes. 
I can’t wait to see everyone in their neons this season! Have a wonderful week!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
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