Love to Layer

January 01, 2018


Happy New Year!! 2017 was an incredible year for Gee Loretta and we thank you, very sincerely for all of the love and support you showed us this year. We look forward to bringing you a fabulous 2018 filled with fashion and style! 

Speaking of style, today is all about adding that much needed layer to your look! Not only does an extra layer come in handy (if it ever decides to get cold) but it also elevates your whole outfit! 

Today I am featuring two must-have tops that can be worn in several different ways. I have been wearing mine on repeat and I love the versatility each of the tops offer. They can be worn under things, over things and because they have a darling polka dot print, it just makes your whole look a little happier! 

Click on this week's video to see all the different ways that I have styled these tops for you!

In the meantime,
we are taking today off and will be ready to start 2018 with you tomorrow! Have a wonderful New Year's Day and cheers to the year ahead!

Tracking Trends, but Pursuing Style!


 I don't wear sleevless

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