Living in Linen

May 13, 2019

Gee in the Que - Living in Linen!

Linen is hitting the fashion scene stronger than ever! Here at Gee Loretta we are always on top of what’s happening in the fashion world and are so excited to share some of the best linen styles from dresses and jackets to cool, cozy pants and tops.

Linen is the earliest known textile

Back in the days of early civilization, clothing was not the most interesting. You would throw on an animal pelt and call it a day. Fabric as we know it today didn’t exist, and so garments were heavy and not the most glamorous.

Fortunately, us humans are resourceful creatures, and would come to discover the fiber that inspired the fabrics we are familiar with today- linen.
Linen is beautiful, soft, and perhaps the earliest known constructed textile. For example, in Georgia, archaeologists discovered 34,000 year old flax fibers.

Once civilization reached the point of being able to cultivate land, this became a game-changer for clothing and fabric. People began to grow flax, and from this plant, linen was made. The fibers were woven up into fabric and pelts were shed in favor of this more manageable (and probably cleaner) raw material. Since the flax plant is native to many places around the world, from Northern Africa to India to Western Europe, linen has roots and history in a variety of cultures.

Today, linen is appearing in fashion more and more for a variety of reasons. In regards to sustainability, linen just makes sense- natural fibers are better for the environment, and it is an excellent alternative to cotton. Its quality and performance give it a luxurious feel, even when being used in casual garments. The fabric has been showing up in many high-profile labels.

Run into Gee Loretta this week to grab your linen because it is FLYING off our racks. We cant wait to see how you will wear your beautiful new pieces and look forward to seeing you in this week!!!

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