How to Wear Neutral Colors

May 18, 2016

This season, designers have been showing LOTS of neutrals in the beige/taupe palette. For some, it can be an intimidating hue to wear because it can wash out certain skin tones. Immediately, customers will tell me, “Mariah, I can’t wear that color” or “It doesn’t look good on me”.

I love to take those “I can’t” and turn them into “I can” by using a few simple tricks!

1. Layer it Up!! Adding a simple colorful tank or tee under a neutral top will instantly bring life and a new hue to your overall look. (In this week’s video I show you how I layered a mesh top and a tank under some taupe tops)

2. Accessorize with COLOR!! Layer gorgeous jewelry in turq, coral or lapis to add a pop of color near your face! Consider grabbing a colorful scarf or denim jacket to add another shade to your silhouette.

3. Wear the neutral in a pant or shoe! There is more than one way to rock a trend and if you don’t want to wear it in a top, just grab a neutral pair of jeans or sandals.

4. Bump up your Blush!! The magic of make-up is a wonderful thing and by adding a little more blush, some bronzer or a bright lipstick can make all the difference in what colors you can rock!

The store has so much of the Taupe Trend in right now, so stop in to see all of our latest greatest arrivals!!

Loving Leopard, Rhinestones and Ruffles,

Neutrals at Gee Loretta

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