How to Restore your Designer Handbag

October 04, 2021

Gee in the Que - How to Restore your Designer Handbag

A luxury collection of Authenticated Pre-Owned Designer Labels.  From excellent to New Condition, the collection is available right here at your local boutique and also available online.
GeeLuxe is our high-end consignment branch inside Gee Loretta. It is similar to the WearHouse but it is filled with high end brands like Alexander McQueen, Hermès, and Gucci that we don't normally get to see unless we are in a bigger city.

The consignment process is super easy! All you have to do is bring your designer bag, accessory, etc. into Gee Loretta. From there, we will authenticate, price out, and put your item on the sales floor and online. This raises the chances of your item selling quickly!

If you girls are just as obsessed with authentic designer pieces like we are here at Gee Loretta, you just have to stop in this week to treat yourself to a little something extra special! See you soon!

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