How to Pack A Suitcase

May 24, 2016

How to Pack a Suitcase

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and with that comes the fun of summer days and fabulous vacations! Let’s face it- all of us love the vacation part, but the packing beforehand can be stressful and overwhelming!!
I thought I would offer up a few tips and tricks to help you get your suitcase on point and make the entire process of packing less stressful!
In this week’s video, I encourage you to keep the color palette tight as you choose outfits, take pictures beforehand and pack your outfits in two gallon Ziplock bags in order to keep everything clean and organized.
A few other “Packing Tips” I came up with after filming are:
1. Simplify your jewelry. Choose 1 statement necklace that works with all of your outfits and a few pair of earrings that you can mix and match.
2. ALWAYS pack a scarf! You can use it to keep warm on a freezing flight, wear it as a sarong by the pool or a shawl to cover your shoulders for an outdoor dinner.
3.  NEVER pack a brand new pair of shoes! You don’t want to learn the hard way that your sassy new sandals hurt your foot or cause blisters. Break them in a few weeks before or pack a pair that is tried and true!
Last but not least, treat yourself to something NEW! The excitement of taking off on vacation and having a few new treasures to wear when you arrive is oh-so-fun!
We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and look forward to seeing you soon!  (Gee Loretta will be closed on Monday, May 30th)

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