Gift Giving

November 30, 2020


Gee in the Que - Gift Giving

Happy Cyber Monday ! Today our inboxes are inundated with sales luring us with Holiday gifting ideas. In the flurry of it all, please remember Gee Loretta also has the perfect gift ideas for all the ladies on your list this year! They are ALSO a simple click away... from aromatherapy wraps to cozy chenille socks, Gee Loretta has you covered for gifts that will have your recipient feeling loved and hugged!! There’s surely a fingerless glove style to appeal to any friend on your list, or a yummy  room-filling scented candle to please that friend you just don’t know WHAT she wants or needs. 

Let the elves at Gee Loretta help you with your cheerful gift giving this season! We are here to harness the magic for you and wrap it up with an awesome bow. Shop or give us a call!#505.292.6652


Have a wonderful week everyone!
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