Polished & Precious at Gee's Jewels

February 25, 2019

Polished & Precious - All Things Pretty and Shiny at Gee's Jewels!

From bold, sculptural jewelry, to classic, and inspired by world travels. Gee’s Jewels designers are both spiritual and fashion-forward.

Virgins Saints and Angels

VSA is an exquisite new line for Gee Loretta with all the qualities a Gee’s Girl will love! An American designer manufacturing in Mexico, her handmade artisan pieces are done in the Spanish-Ecclesiastical style ,with glimmering textures and timeless design. Gee Loretta has hand-selected colors to pair perfectly with everything in your closet. It is beautiful statement piece on its own, but also just happens to layer beautifully with your Southwest pieces, if you desire.

Lawrence Baca Designs

We love the award-winning New Mexico designer, Lawrence Baca!! For decades you have seen his designs adorn our mannequins (and us) here at Gee Loretta ! His pieces are easy to build upon, whether you start with a single strand of Baca Beads, or a three-strand necklace, it is a cinch to incorporate with turquoise and other Southwest -inspired pieces. His styles take you from casual to dressy, and day to evening effortlessly. Season after season, his inspiring bracelets, strand enhancers, and earrings will build you a show-stopping treasure trove to love forever.

Melodie Owen

You’ve never seen anything like Melodie’s pieces. Completely unique, hand-manipulated light-weight steel, with gangbuster colors and textures, her pieces hit all the high points we want in our jewelry. She creates every twist and turn with love and attention to detail. Her latest “on pointe” star pin adds wow factor to our scarves, lapels, and jackets.

Designs By Michele

Michele is a world traveling artist that finds inspiration in the most amazing corners of the world. From Roman coins, or mica-infused slate from Turkey, to the beloved sugar skull in Albuquerque, her designs inspire us to reach higher and farther. Her botanical collection reminds us to appreciate nature in the detailed rendition of a leaf or flower, and when ten are linked together across our wrists, we can appreciate them even more.

We Track Trends, But Pursue Style!

~ Michelle


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