Easily Sueded

October 31, 2016

There is one fabrication that is lining the pages of my fashion magazines and has filled up the racks at Gee Loretta and that is SUEDE!!!

This is, by far, the most popular textile that designers have added to their Fall collections. The difference is, it has been completely updated and reinvented from the suede of decades past.  So let’s talk about all the reasons you are going to swoon over suede this season!

1. Ultrasuede- Most designers have opted for Ultrasuede which a much thinner, lightweight version of the thick, heavy suede that was popular in the 70’s.  You will love the weight of the Ultrasuede and the fact that it doesn’t add any “bulk” to your silhouette.

2. Machine Washable- Can I get an AMEN?  You don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars at the dry cleaners to launder this fabrication. Simply throw it into the washer and hang it up to dry! Easy, breezy!

3. Instant Interest- by adding the scrumptious suede to your outfit, you have instantly added texture! Working different textures into your look always adds that “wow factor”.  Think about mixing suede shoes, a jersey dress and a leather jacket! Throw on a little bling and you have a home run look for Fall!

4. SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!! Let’s face it-we all have a love affair with shoes and lucky for you, I have lined the shelves at Gee Loretta with gorgeous shoes and boots made in every shade of suede! (Even a BLUE SUEDE shoe, for all of my Elvis fans! LOL!)

We can’t wait to show you all the different pieces we have in this luxe fabrication at the store…leggings, jackets, handbags, shawls and beyond! It’s a great time to shop at Gee Loretta!

Loving Leopard, Rhinestones and Ruffles,

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