Diving into Desigual

April 22, 2019

Gee in the Que -  Diving into Desigual

Desigual is a clothing brand we truly admire at Gee Loretta. It is best known for bright colors, playful patterns, and asymmetry . The name”Desigual" actually means ”unequal, and uneven”...and we at Gee Loretta think there is "no equal” to Desigual in the design world today.

We are fortunate

Developed in Spain on the island of Ibiza, a Swiss designer wanted to create clothing that reflected the individual at a modest price point while conveying the company’s motto, “ La vida es chula”, or “life is beautiful”. It is a very universally accepted approach to fashion, with thriving stores in 72 countries. We feel very fortunate to bring this global brand to our ladies in Albuquerque. Come see what’s new in Desigual at Gee Loretta.

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