Dian Malouf Trunk Show

March 16, 2020

Gee in the Que - Dian Malouf Trunk Show

Dian Malouf Trunk Show!

All new Dian Malouf styles have just arrived at Gee Loretta! This trunk show features styles from her Spring and summer collection!

This time around, you will see Dian Malouf pieces with fresh pops of oranges, bold turquoise, and of course, her classic sterling silver styles.

These one of a kind jewels are sure to pair perfectly with all of the new arrivals that are flooding in right now from Desigual, 360 Cashmere, Black Orchid Denim, and so much more!

If you aren’t leaving your home this week, give us a call to set up a FaceTime call with you! We will gladly be your personal shopper and show you the Dian Malouf collection, new arrivals, or anything your heart desires! 505-292-6652

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Treat yourself this fun event at Gee Loretta!
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