Denim Fit Event

September 12, 2016

This week it is all about a gorgeous new denim line that we just started carrying at Gee Loretta!! I am BEYOND excited for these jeans because the fit is out of this world and I know that if you try them on you will instantly fall in love!

Let’s face it-most of us live in our blue jeans and they are a go-to piece in our everyday wardrobe. We need a pair of jeans that has a great fit and gorgeous style….sometimes easier said than done, right? Not with Parker Smith Denim! Here are five fabulous reasons to come try these jeans on!

1. The creator is in her 50’s and wanted a jean that fits a real woman! She did not want a “mom jean”, but something that flattered a figure and still had a fashionable fit.

2. The jeans all have a hi-rise. Not only is this a huge trend in fashion right now, but it is also what most of us want to wear! Goodbye low-cut jeans!!

3. The jeans have stretch memory technology so you can wear them 3, 4, 5 times in a row and they will maintain their shape. No more hiking up your jeans each time you stand up or getting the baggy knee look!

4. No Muffin top!! The designer put in a contoured waist band, which means it is cut higher on the back and sides. This prevents anything from “rolling over” the top of your blue jeans!

I can’t wait to see your reaction when you try on these denim designs!! We look forward to seeing you at Gee Loretta for the Denim Fit Event this week!

Loving Leopard, Rhinestones and Ruffles,

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