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March 02, 2020

Gee in the Que - Happy Closet Hacks

With Spring around the corner, I know we are all getting into full-blown spring cleaning mode! I’m just itching to clean out my closet and bring out all of my bright and fun warm weather clothes! Today, we are talking about all kinds of tips and tricks to make this process as seamless as possible!

Follow these three hacks and you will have one happy closet!

1.) How do we keep from feeling overwhelmed with our wardrobe during the season change?

This takes a little bit of pre-planning, but it’s so worth it! I’m a big fan of rotating my Closet seasonally. I take heavy sweaters, boots and coats and pack them away in vacuum space bags and large bins with lids that are stackable. The bins are fairly inexpensive in general, but the best deal is post Christmas if you don’t have them already. I do the same thing with shorts, swim suits, lighter clothing and summer shoes when fall starts to hit! I keep things like camis, tees (long and short sleeve, jeans and other trans-seasonal accessories available in my closet year round, organized by type and color so it’s always easy to put an outfit together on the fly.

2.)Let’s say we’ve rotated our closet for the season, but we’re STILL short on room. What can we do?

There’s more than one way to hang it up! So I definitely have 3 types of hangers: Traditional (either velvet, or grip top, pant hangers with a clip on each side, and my favorite, scarf hangers! Multi compartment style for scarves or even necklaces! BUT if don’t have all three types, you don’t need to run out and get them. So for instance, you take double stick tape that’s made for clothing, and stick it right across the top of both sides of the hanger for silky tops or pieces that refuse to stay put! Plus I guarantee you will use double stick tape in so many other ways.
I also encourage saving your can pull tabs to create more room. Simply add a tab from one hanger to another, and done! You have a multi layered hanger to save room.
And finally, clothes pins or chip clips are usually cheaper than new hangers! Get a box, add two clips to the bottom of a traditional hanger and you have a new way to hang pants and skirts.

3.) We all have things in our closet that we LOVE! But we never wear it, and we don’t want to get rid of it! What can we do about that?

This is where being really good at organization comes in handy! So my favorite thing to do to determine if I’m actually going to wear something, is the "ribbon" technique. If you’re ready to clear out your closet, designate a separate area  and tie a colorful ribbon around the rod. After you’ve worn an outfit and washed it( if it needs it), you’re going to hang it up BEHIND the ribbon. Your goal now, is to try to wear everything else before you go back to those pieces for the season(or around 3 months). You’ll discover the pieces you CAN'T live without, because you keep pulling them from behind the ribbon! You’ll learn what you’re ready to say goodbye to because you’ll have things you never even bothered to put behind the ribbon because you didn’t wear it. You'll also see the things you left behind the ribbon because it just didn’t work more than once in 3 months. Then you can bring your unworn items to the WearHouse to get credit for pieces you’ll REALLY love!

We hope you are feeling motivated to conquer your closet in preparation for the new season! Don’t forget, if you have gently pre-loved clothes that you just aren’t wearing, bring them to the WearHouse!!!

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