Bottoms Up

April 23, 2018

Bottoms up, girls! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, so it is really time to amp up our wardrobes with those must have pants and shorts for this Spring and Summer! From fresh and new cut styles, to bold patterns or soft, muted colors, Gee Loretta is sure to have the new bottom you are looking for. 

We are stocked here at Gee Loretta with classic straight cut pants, to conservatively and consciously cut knee length or below the knee shorts from a favorite, Carré Noir. For that early summer trip or even for that backyard barbecue, we have some easy and breezy linen pants. 

Patterns and Colors 
Branch out with bold graphic or floral patterns! Another great way to change up your go-to bottom this season is with softer, muted colors like soft gray, beiges and taupes, muted navy, and classic white. 

The jeans in store are all to die for! We have anything from Tyler Böe or Lyssé polka dot option, to fun, cropped styles from Parker Smith. As always, our Gee Loretta branded jean is a favorite among ourselves and our clients and a must for everyone! 

There is a new pant, short, or jean just waiting for everyone here at Gee Loretta! If you think you are all stocked up or are timid to try something new, there is always room for another piece or something bold and new you haven't tried before! Let us help you find that something new. 

There are so many unique and versatile choices at Gee Loretta. With so much to choose from, come in and have some fun with us styling new looks or finding that piece that you have been missing from your wardrobe! We'll see you this week! 




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