Beautiful Blueberry

July 18, 2016

Today I am so excited to talk about one of the must-have colors that is trending for Fall 2016. I have decided to call it “Blueberry” because this Fall it is going to be filled with rich, berry tones-think raspberry, cherry red, blackberry and more. I know this blueberry color is going to be a big hit with all of you, because the reasons to wear this hue are countless!

It is a year- round color! Pair it with white and silver right now for a fresh bright look and then transition to fall with black, navy, grays ,and gold tones.

It is flattering on everyone! The depth and richness of this color looks amazing on everyone and creates a natural glow on all skin tones.

Another reason to love this color, is that all the designers are using this in both dressy and casual looks. If you need a fresh punch of color to add life to your work wardrobe, then this would be amazing! If you are a retired gal or looking to add casual pieces to your closet, then you will find it at Gee Loretta, as well!

One last tip, is that blue and red are opposite on the color wheel, so this color looks gorgeous with a red lip or red accessories! Avoid doing red, white and blue together or it can read as a little too “4th of July”!

I am loving this color so much and I know you girls are going to love it, too! See you this week at Gee Loretta for some beautiful blueberry!!

Loving Leopard, Rhinestones and Ruffles,

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