Ali MacGraw Sandals

June 06, 2022

Ali MacGraw Sandals

Okay fashionistas, this is the moment our fashion hearts have been waiting for. This week, we are featuring the summer sandal that is going to make your heart skip a beat, just like it did mine when I laid eyes on these stunners!!!

Not only are these the most gorgeous sandals I have seen in quite sometime, but they are also made of all eco-friendly materials. It doesn’t get any better than that!

All Ali MacGraw shoes are made with deep concern for the environment and the artisans who make them. They are carefully handmade in ethical factories and made of sustainable materials.

Her mission is to make beautiful, comfortable and fashionable earth-friendly shoes that improve life and the planet that we all share.

I am certain that these are going to sell out fast! RUN into Gee Loretta this week to snag your pair before it’s too late!!

Happy shopping!

We Track Trends, But Pursue Style! ~Michelle

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