A Dress For Every Occasion

May 14, 2018

Hi Girls! 

At Gee Loretta, you will always be able to find the perfect dress for any event or occasion on your calendar. Whether it be a fun, detailed day dress for a graduation or garden party, structured dress for the career gal, or a stunning cocktail dress or gown for a late summer or spring wedding, you are sure to find it in the dress shop! 


This season we decided to do some more buying on simple, fun day dresses to add that femininity that is sometimes lacking in the day-to-day! We have dresses that will absolutely suit your daily life - from working, picking up kiddos or grandkiddos, running errands, all while looking completely put together and fabulous! 


The dress shop at Gee Loretta is completely stocked, full of floral, lace, sequined, striped, and classical cocktail dresses to help you look the part at any event you have upcoming. 


There are a number of jumpsuits always available in store or to order at Gee Loretta! A black, beautifully cut Joseph Ribkoff or navy COA are in the line up of your go-to jumpsuits for almost any occasion! Jumpsuits can be dressed up with accessories at Gee Loretta to attend a wedding, or dressed down for a simple, family backyard barbecue. 


If you have a concern with a garment or how to make something work, we absolutely have a solution! Gee's Sleeves are our go-to solution for any sleeveless or short-sleeved dress that require a longer sleeve, or would like that additional coverage. We always have a selection of shawls and scarves in store to throw over your shoulders to not only cover up, but add that extra layer you need! 

We'll see you this week at Gee Loretta! 

~ Mariah 


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