Frenchies Gift Card

Gee Loretta

Frenchies Gift Card
The gift of pampering is all we want for Christmas! Fabulous idea for the men and women in your life!
Frenchies Modern Nails is Albuquerque’s newest studio to go to for a fresh experience when it comes to Nail Care. If you are looking for a new kind of manicure, you should know that #weloveclean is not only our hashtag, but our commitment to an amazing mani/pedi. Not only do we  sanitize and sterilize all of our tools but we also use all natural products on your skin to ensure your manicure and pedicure are the best you have ever had. 
Now you know you are going to have a CLEAN nail experience-let’s talk about the pampering!! Start your treatment with a warm neck wrap, a treat from our coffee bar and most importantly, amazing Nail Specialists to offer you the unparalleled customer service. Our studio is so beautiful and as a bonus, we are attached to a beautiful women’s boutique, Gee Loretta! Pedicures and a little bit of shopping sound like a perfect way to spend some free time!

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