Casual Fashion

I called this week’s video “Fashion Jackpot” because as soon as we saw this collection, we knew that it was a line that all of our customers would fall in love with!! 

We were on a search for cool, comfortable clothing but we also wanted each piece to be fashion forward. COA (the new collection) was absolutely a home-run because it is the softest material in the whole wide world, they are easy go-to styles and most importantly, they have a “Cool Girl” vibe to them! 

The collection is amazing and I  love that they are not only designed but also made in America! Did I mention that every piece is under $100?!? I love it! 

I have a fabulous selection in the store right now and two more LARGE shipments coming our way during the month of June, so you have a great excuse to come visit us all month long! We can’t wait to see you at Gee Loretta this week!

Loving Leopard, Ruffles & Rhinestones!